More About Me

Living, Serving & Selling South County Real Estate Since 1979.

Ralph has lived and sold real estate in South Santa Clara County for the past 40+ years. With more than 1000 local homes sold, and hundreds of happy clients, friends & family, Ralph has become a fiber in his community to the point that his grandchildren call him the ‘Mayor of Morgan Hill’. He has proven to be a master of his profession, with negotiating prowess, and unmatched expertise. Ultimatley providing every client with a smooth, seamless, and solid transaction. Elements that don't happen without a lifetime of experience.

Teressa, his daughter and teammate, is the Founder and former Marketing Director of the Intero brand for the past 15 years. She grew from the same dirt as our south county orchards, and now is raising her own family here as well. She is a marketing ace, a guru in her field, and is networked globally. Together as the Chellino Francis Group they are unrivaled.

So if you're looking to get top dollar for your home, or are a first time home buyer looking to stretch every dollar, NO ONE has the skills like the Chellino Francis Group. We promise to take care of you like family.